Make your life comfortable using Time Program
Now you can define what time your devices starts working!

Sound like WOW? Let’s find out…

People have routines; machines can have too, right? Well, HomeCom Easy allows you to define the time program of your devices and get the most out of them.
See Maria's example...

Maria is a woman who always have dreamed living smart. Every day she wakes up around 7am, but her mind focus is on heating the house before she is ready to get up (she hates to feel cold). In order to do that, Maria uses HomeCom Easy to schedule the central heating at 6am and make sure the house is warm as she planned previously.

At 8am, Maria has to leave her house to go to work and only returns at 6pm. During that time, Maria planned to turn off the central heating to avoid energy consumption costs.

What do you think happened next?

YES, you are thinking smart! Maria also decided to use time program while is coming back home. Thus, her house will be warm and comfortable when she arrives.

Finally, Maria goes to sleep at 11pm and at that same time, the central heating turns off. As you can see, Maria is living smart and does not need to be worried about her house temperature.

Take a look how Maria planned her daily routine with HomeCom Easy
Get in touch with all Time Program functions

  • Define a plan for every days of a week;
  • Create different plans according your routines;
  • You can copy days to simplify the process;
  • Create multiples switch point;
  • Rename your plans;
  • Enable optimum start.

Advantages of using Time Program

Save energy costs

Save your time

Reduce energy consumption

Makes your life easier

Living “Like a Bosch!”

Another One

Which devices can I use Time Program?

Time Program is available on Central Heating and Hot Water devices. In the near future, we are considering add more devices to this functionality, as well as improve Time Program feature. Check on this link below if your device is compatible with Time Program.

Know More

Do you still have questions about how to use Time Program?

You can use our FAQ Page or contact us directly. Feel free to ask any question!

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