Set up your Central Heating, Living Smart
Central Heating
Nobody likes to feel their home cold, right? With HomeCom Easy, you are able to control your central heating remotely and take the opportunity to make the most of the comfort of your home.
It's time to live “Like bosch!”.
Do your changes manually

Manage your central heating using the point slider or the - /+ buttons to control the desired temperature. When selecting the heating temperature it will remain constant.

Feel comfort using Time Program

Make a weekly plan for your central heating device! Decide your perfect time to turn on or off your central heating according your routines.

Use Auto operation mode to follow your defined heating time program. Are you curious to know more?

Know More

Boost your Heating process

Imagine that you spent all day working and it is very cold outside. When you are on the way back home, just turn on your central heating with your smartphone.

In case your commute is not that long, you can additionally enable a boost on your central heating in order to speed up the temperature process.

Once you arrive at home, the temperature is as you wished!