Level up your smart home with Away Mode
Away Mode
Away mode is an eco-mode that will allow you to save energy while you are not at home.
How does Away Mode work?

Let us imagine that you are in home with a Time Program defined, but for unexpected reason you have to leave the house. A perfect solution to save energy consumption and avoid additional costs is to enable Away Mode, which will shut down your devices instantly.

Once you disable Away Mode, your devices will automatically following the Time Program again.

Geofencing is the future...

We intend, in a few months, to add Geofencing function in Away Mode. What can you expect from Geofencing? This function will be enable Away Mode when the last person leaves your home.

Geofencing also detect, for example, when you are on the way back home and consequently Away Mode will shut down and follow the Time Program. A little smartness in your devices.