Control your Bosch Air Conditioner easily
Air Conditioner
Never know where you place your remote control? Now, you don't need looking for it anymore to control your air conditioner. If this happens to you often, let us know to you that HomeCom Easy makes it possible to access the settings of your device and control different operating modes.
Find out different types of operating modes
Auto Mode
Setpoint managed automatically. No manual changes allowed.
Keep your home warm
Perfect for summer days!
Dry Mode
Perfect for summer days!
Fan Mode
Feel a new freshness in your home
Get in touch with some additional functions
Define your preferred temperature

For cooling and heating mode you can use point slider or -/+ buttons to define your desired temperature. When you see a green icon in your screen, it means that your changes were successful done.

Adjust your fan speed

HomeCom Easy allows you to choose 5 different fan speed modes: Quiet, Low, Medium, High, and Auto.

Fun fact: Did you know the maximum fan speed is 40km per hour?

Select horizontal or vertical airflow

For those who like horizontal airflows, we offer 7 types: Center, Left, Right, Wide, Ultra Wide, Auto and Swing (Louver moves left and right for better air distribution).

However if you prefer to use vertical airflows, you are able to use: Highest, Up, Center, Low, Lower, Auto and Swing (louver moves up and down for better air distribution).

Fun Fact:Most of our users prefer horizontal airflows. What about you?