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We support iOS11 or newer systems and Android 6.0 or newer systems.

The app is optimised for use on a smartphone but it can be installed on a tablet as well.

We need to know that you are authorised to control your device in order to protect you. User accounts ensure that only authorised users can access and control your devices.

Of course. Anyone who wants to access the system needs to download the app, create a Bosch account and add the devices to the app.

We only process the information we actually require in order to enable you to access your devices remotely. For more information, refer to “Information” in the app or go online to read our Privacy Policy .

Your only option is to reset to factory settings. When you reset to factory settings, all information saved in the gateway is deleted and all users connected to a gateway are removed. To do this, select “Devices” -> Select a device -> Click on “Reset to factory settings” and follow the instructions in the app.

You can find all compatible products on this website .

Make sure that your device is compatible. You can find more information about this on the following website: Supported products

The QR code is either on the device or the accessories. You can find more information in the manual you received with your device.

If you are unable to scan the QR code, you can enter the credentials manually. This information can be found in the wi-fi dongle label: gateway ID for Login (User ID), Password and MAC Address.

We support WPS for our Wi-Fi products. These are the Climate Series and Compress 7800iLW with Connect Key

Tronic 4000, 5000, 7000 and 8500 also support WPS.

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. We support pressing the WPS button, which means that your router should have an additional button that is called WPS or marked with a similar symbol: If this is not the case, please check the manual for your router.

It is possible to connect the device in hotspot mode (AP mode). Simply select “Manual (hotspot)” in the app during the Wi-Fi pairing process.

Open the ≡ menu, select the devices and then click on the + button. Select the product you want to connect (keep in mind that you can switch between several compatible devices).

If you want to remove a device from your user account, go to the ≡ menu, select “Devices” and choose the device you want to remove. Then click on the “Remove” button. Please note that removing a device from your account does not remove any network configurations from the device itself. To do that, you need to reset the device itself. You can find information about this in the manual for the device.

It is possible to connect the device in hotspot mode (AP mode). Simply select “Manual (hotspot)” in the app during the Wi-Fi pairing process.

The designation of the appliance can be found either in the Instruction Manual, or in the data plate.The data plate is a metallic sticker with the main technical information of the device. It is placed somewhere on the cover of the appliance, on a visible location.

Ensure that your Wi-Fi connection meets the minimum requirements - see question "What Wi-Fi connection do I need?"

  • Confirm that your smartphone has a strong connection to the Wi-Fi network where the appliance is installed
  • Confirm that the Wi-Fi dongle is correctly installed.

You can change the preferred language in the settings for the app in your smartphone settings.

Yes, you can adjust your main screen. Go to the ≡ menu and select “Personalise”. You can change the order in which the tiles are displayed on the main screen by dragging and dropping them. You can change the name of a tile by selecting the pen symbol. You can also show or hide a tile by switching the eye symbol over. You can't hide a tile if you have only one.

Drag the centre of the display down with your finger to update the data.

You can select the pen symbol in the weather area to change the location. Click on the pin to use your current location (the app needs permission to access your location for this). Alternatively, you can search for and select a location using the text box.

This can happen if a different user changes a setting (either via their own app or on the device itself).

Depending on the device, there are different ways of disconnecting the current router and establishing a connection with a new router.

Climate Series, Tronic Series & Term Series

Disconnect the old router by switching it off or disconnecting it from the power supply. Once you have switched off the router, you can start a new Wi-Fi pairing process to connect the new router. In order to start the Wi-Fi pairing process, go to “Devices”, click on “Add device” and follow the steps in the app.

Compress 7800i LW(M) with Connect Key

Select “Menu” and then “Internet” on the heat pump display. Then select “Disconnect”. In order to connect a new router, go to the app, click on “Devices” and “Add device” in the menu, and follow the steps in the app.

You can still control your heating and water heaters from your room thermostats or the display on the heating system itself. For air-conditioning units, you can use the infrared room control unit. For water heaters, you can use the display of the heating system itself.

No, the most recent settings will be restored. Make sure that your router is supplied with power again and is connected to the Internet to control your devices from the app.

Our connectivity normally works with the standard Wi-Fi settings of commercially available routers. In some cases, some settings might need to be changed manually. Check the specifications in the instruction manual of your router and, if required, perform the required configuration changes (the instruction manual of your router should indicate how to do it).

The following specifications are required in order to work with the our connectivity:

  • 2.4 GHz network
  • WPA2 (also mixed WPA/ WPA2) network with AES or TKIP&AES encryption (open networks are not supported)
  • DHCP enabled
  • SSID must be discoverable (not hidden)
  • The use of proxies and VPN is not recommended
  • Network modes IEEE 802.11 b/g/n or 802.11 b/g.

Although our connectivity only works with 2.4GHz band, normally 5GHz routers also support 2.4GHz in parallel.If you have a dual band router, ensure that:

  • the 2.4GHz band is active
  • the two networks have different names;When connecting to the appliance, make sure that the 2.4GHz network is selected.

Note: if your Wi-fi network is not compatible with our connectivity, it will not appear during pairing.

Click on the message or on “Notifications” in the menu to display the fault message. The message will also contain a notice on possible solutions.

Check the LED on the indoor unit to check the connection status. If the LED is lit green continuously and the connection is set up properly, the system just needs a few minutes to respond. If the LED is not lit, the connection is disrupted. Possible solutions for re-establishing the connection are to switch the device off and on again or to check the Internet connection on the router.

Water heater products

1. Ensure that your Wi-Fi connection meets the minimum requirements - see question "What Wi-Fi connection do I need?"

2. Confirm that your smartphone has a strong connection to the Wi-Fi router where the water heater is installed

3. Confirm that the Wi-Fi dongle installation is correct.
If the device can't be reached after these steps were perfomed, please try the following recommendations:

  • -Disconnect the power supply from the appliance. Connect the power supply again, turn on the appliance and wait about 20 seconds
  • Restart your router
  • Reinstall the app
  • Perform a factory reset - see question "How do I reset the Wi-Fi dongle to factory settings?"
  • Repeat the pairing process.

Please check in the device settings if your device is still paired and online. If it is offline but available please check your internet connection, if it disappeared, please perform the pairing again by clicking "add device". If pairing is failing again, then contact your service partner (see contacts in Bosch HomeCom App) for professional assistance.

Check whether the Connect Key is in energy saving mode by touching the LED on the short edge. If this does not work, make sure that the Connect Key is correctly installed in your device and supplied with power. The start-up process may take up to one minute.

Check the latest version of your gateway firmware in the expanded information. If the functions do not update, this may be due to a weak Wi-Fi signal. Please try to improve the signal by using a repeater.

You can't change the target temperature if the infrared control unit is set to “Auto”, “Dry”, “Ventilation Only” or “Full Power”. You need to switch to heating or cooling mode in order to change the target temperature.

You can't change the fan speed if the infrared control unit is set to “Dry”, “Full Power” or “MultiSpace”. You need to switch to “Heating Only”, “Cooling” or “Fan” mode in order to change the fan speed.

You can deactivate the software updates for the app in the relevant App Store. However, we recommend that you do not do this so that you will continue to receive security and functional updates.

The software updates for your devices can't be deactivated as updates are required to rectify faults and for reasons of safety.

While pairing in hotspot mode, you can access the licence information via the ---- symbol. If you have already connected your system, you need to delete the Wi-Fi connection and select hotspot mode for pairing when connecting your Connect Key again.

The Wi-Fi pairing button (1) is located below the small lid with the Wi-Fi symbol in the front cover (please follow the steps described in the instruction manual, to open the lid and install the wi-fi dongle).After the wi-fi dongle has been installed, the pairing button can be found on the bottom right corner of the opening. The button has a grey colour (same colour as the Plastic Electronic Module Cover), and a texture with vertical stripes.

All the electric parts which can be accessed after removing the Wifi Lid are supplied with SELV (Safety Electric Low Voltage). This means that there is no risk of electric shock by touching accidentally any electric components in the vicinity of the WiFi pairing button.

The procedure to perform a factory reset can be realized through the App or through the Water Heater.

Factory reset though the App:

  • You can initiate the factory reset process through the HomeCom Easy App. For this, go to "Devices" section, select the device you want to reset and follow the steps on your screen.
  • Factory reset through the Water Heater:If your appliance is not connected to the App, the Wi-Fi dongle reset operation must be done directly at the water heater.


  • Go to the display of your appliance, press the menu key, select "Wi-Fi" and choose "Factory reset". Check if the display shows that the Wi-Fi dongle reset has been concluded successfully.
TR4000, TR5000, TR7000:

  • For these models, the Wi-Fi dongle reset is performed via the Wi-Fi pairing button, located inside the Wi-Fi dongle compartment.

Hint: if you have trouble finding the location of the Wi-Fi pairing button, see the question I cannot find the Wi-Fi pairing Button of Tronic appliances (Tronic 4000 / 5000 / 7000).

For the reset operation:

1.Remove the front panel of the appliance

2. Remove the Wi-Fi cover using a suitable tool

3. Press the Wi-Fi pairing button and keep it pressed

The LED turns on, indicating the beginning of the restarting sequence.4. After the LED turns off (approximately 8 seconds), release the button.The Wi-Fi dongle has been reset.

You can initiate the factory reset process through the HomeCom Easy App.For this, go to "Devices" section, select the device you want to reset and follow the steps on your screen.